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i5 3570k oc 4.5ghz with sli 970s with modded heat killer 670 front and backplates and 16gb ddr3 2200mhz ram. Only slight overclock on the 970s. +155 on Core Clock and only +55 on Memory Clock. I hear ocing the memory gives little gain so I rather not risk damaging anything, but will go little further with the core later. These cards are great. Previous games that suffered from stuttering problems dont exist for me anymore. With my previous sli 670s watchdogs would suffer massive frame drops every few seconds. Same thing with Dead Rising 3 however lowering the graphics made it playable. Now I easily max the games out on 1080p 130hz monitor, as well as my AOC ultrawide monitor no problem. Feels good to have a game like Shadow of Mordor come out and destroy it and cant wait for Far Cry 4. I'll have these cards for atleast 3 years and finally feel like this pc is 100% complete.

Got 1360 on core clock and 3557 on memory clock with these benchmark results on heaven. Temps on gpus maxed out at 54 and 57 running the benchmark and playing Shadow of Mordor maxed out for over an hour. Next will be overclocking gpus more than doing some nvidia 3d vision in FC3. Will be releasing a full review on my channel soon!

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Did someone find my same trouble ? I have a Zotac 970 ZT-90101-10P (the one with the short PCB) and regardless all the efforts I made tweaking and flashing vatious Bios, I can't pass through the VDDC Core Voltace of 1,2120... Am I capped on the VRM ? Do I need some hardware mod to get trough ? Thanks !!!
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