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Can I take a photo of my packaging with my name included? My PSU is covered in my PC and I don't want to take my system apart.
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Originally Posted by Tenaji View Post

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB FPS Mouse

After just over a year of loyal service, my Razer Deathadder 2013 edition began to suffer from being intermittent. At many times, I contemplated replacing it. It was a great mouse which served me well in all applications. Then came a point when I thought it was the time to finally switch out my Deathadder for a brand new mouse.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Corsair's relatively new M65 RGB is a right handed FPS oriented mouse. It is a redesigned model of the original M65 with the main difference between the two being controllable RGB backlighting. The mouse's main features include: an aluminium unibody, 8 programmable buttons with Omron switches, selectable response time (1000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz or 125Hz), a high mass scroll wheel, an 8200 DPI laser sensor (adjustable on-the-fly or in Corsair's Corsair Utility Engine) and three-zone RGB backlighting and an adjustable weight system.

This is the packaging that the mouse comes in:

Corsair produces a neat and presentable package to its customers. At first sight, the box does have some pieces of flashy yellow to match with its logo but there is nothing too overwhelming about the colouring of the package. The package details all the main features of the mouse and effectively uses space and colour to present the information. The box also has a nice magnetic flip open tab so that customers can physically see the mouse and test fit it in their hands.The internal packaging of the mouse is very minimal with just a cardboard structure and a moulded plastic screen to encase the mouse.

Thanks to the structure of the internal packaging, the overall box in which the M65 comes in is very solid. Corsair has done very well in presenting a visually appealing package that displays everything a consumer needs to know about the product they're about to purchase.

The Corsair M65 FPS mouse:
The package in which the mouse comes in is already amazing but it gets better. Inside the box is an amazing, solid piece of technology. The mouse, like the box, is very aesthetically pleasing. It looks both futuristic and relevant. Not too much, not too little. The top panel of the mouse is smooth, whereas its sides are a bit rough. This contrasting texture is likely an equivalent to the rubber grips found on many modern mice like the Razer Deathadder.

Size and shape:
Straight out of the box, the mouse fit my hand perfectly, just as my Deathadder did. Despite it fitting my hand perfectly, bigger handed people may suffer a bit with this mouse. The M65 is noticeably shorter than the Deathadder, causing it to appear a bit stubbier and round as seen in the picture below.

With the mouse being relatively short without adjustable sizing, the mouse may not be the 'perfect mouse' for everyone. Larger handed people may have to result to using a claw grip on a regular basis whereas smaller handed people, like myself, can grip the mouse in any way.

Along with the 3 programmable buttons on the left side, an out-jut thumb rest like feature extends out near the base of the mouse. It is not an extra piece of plastic that disrupts the natural positioning of the hand. It is quite an attractive design feature that helps to keep the thumb fully connected to the mouse for optimal grip.

The mouse is very enjoyable to use. The first thing I noticed about this mouse was that the mouse felt extremely solid. The aluminium unibody contributes greatly to the mouse's relatively light weight and solid structure.

The mouse comes with an adjustable weight system that can be altered to the user's needs. Being a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, rapid and controlled mouse movement is important to me. My first use of the mouse was accompanied by cold hands. From this experience, I discovered that the weights may be detrimental in various circumstances. With that being said, weight is highly subjective to each individual.

To make the absolute most out of this mouse, Corsair's Corsair Utility Engine is recommended to be downloaded from Corsair's website. This software allows for button programming with customisable assignment of buttons, macro recording, DPI changing and custom RGB backlighting in 3 separate zones. At first, the software can be very daunting for new users. Coming from Razer Synapse, I had trouble adapting to the more complex software. However, if you put some time and effort into it, the Corsair Utility Engine becomes very familiar and useful.

An absolutely brilliant feature of this mouse is that it has on-board memory. This means that you don't have to download and set up Corsair Utility Engine on every computer you connect the mouse to.

Despite all its heavenly goodness, the mouse does have its negatives, unfortunately. However, it's not that bad of an issue. The main downside that I saw was that the RGB lighting isn't absolutely perfect. The colour selected in the Utility Engine isn't the exact same one that appears on the mouse. There are many colours that come out spot on but there are the finer colours that don't appear as desired. Once again, fiddling around with the software is needed to master the RGB backlighting feature.

Cost and warranty:
At the time of purchase, the mouse costed me $85 AUD.
The mouse is covered under warranty for 2 years.

Final words:
In today's modern world, there are many rivals in the computer world. There are many mice to buy from all different companies. Some may say that for the amount of money spent on the M65 RGB mouse, why not spend on something 'better'? However, this review is not a piece of argument. Corsair took their time to include an aluminium unibody, textured panels, RGB lighting, 8 programmable buttons, braided cabling and an adjustable weight system into a quality product.

The mouse performs just as well as it looks - amazing. People with larger hands may not be particularly fond of this mouse due to its stubby shape. The mouse includes enough programmable buttons for its intended users - FPS players. I personally have 2 buttons reprogrammed - one button to activate voice chat and one as a secondary left click.

The mouse looks both futuristic and relevant. It is a true gaming mouse that will take the test of time to stay relevant in the few years to come.

  • RGB backlighting
  • Looks solid and aesthetically pleasing
  • Comfortable
  • Performs well
  • In depth software which unleashes the mouse's true potential
  • Glides smoothly across surfaces whilst still being controllable

  • RGB backlighting is inaccurate
  • Software has a steep learning curve
  • Weights may be a bit difficult to configure

All in all, this mouse is an excellent, quality gaming peripheral for all people. Whether the intention of purchase is to use the mouse for competitive or casual FPS, MOBA or clearing the fields of minesweeper, this mouse is guaranteed to serve you well.

What an excellent review you did here. It's well written and the approach is very natural which makes it compelling thumb.gif

I'm sure that others will find this short review informative when deciding what mouse to buy.
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Thanks for your comment, Joseph!

I recently received the carbon fibre wrap that I ordered but unfortunately, I was sent the wrong size. I received a wrap with the correct length but just over half the width. I used what I had of the roll to wrap the front panel of my case, the cable management piece inside my case, my keyboard and my Deathadder. I've got another roll coming my way. Hopefully it is the correct size and I'll be able to finish off wrapping my PC and update here.
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Cant wait to see that when done buddy..please bake a cupcake for yourself with plenty caramel on..eat it alone in a secret place to even enjoy it more..youve certainly earned it bro...take lots of pics of you wrapping..ive got to see this
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I'm considering buying red sleeved cabling at about mid year and possibly LED lighting as well. I'm not quite sure yet though. I'll post photos when my wrap arrives and my case is complete. From there, I guess I'll try to see then if red cabling/red and black mixed cabling would work well with carbon/black, gold and red. I'll also consider lighting options later on.

I recently disconnected my case fans to reduce noise. It's extremely quiet now. Temperatures seem fine as well.
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why not just lower the rpms iinstead..
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I had the fans plugged straight to molar power. Without the fans, there's less dust coming in, it's quieter and temperatures all look okay.
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Today, I returned my Corsair M65 frown.gif . After a month of use, I just found it too heavy for me. I bought a steelseries Rival, an NZXT red LED kit and a red SATA cable. The LED kit is not too shabby. As for the mouse, I'll have to put it to the test. From a night's use of the mouse, it is extremely nice. It's comfortable and performs really well.
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So even without the weights..iys too heavy? Insane..i prefer a heavy mouse atleast 3-4 weights at .20-.50grams..and even without iy has to be a bit hefty..
Real shame you returned it..oh well you win some you lose some
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Yes, even without the weights it's too heavy. I'm very happy with the steelseries Rival. It didn't take as long to adapt to than the M65.
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