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I ditched my mouse project and pretty much finished the majority of the revamp work for my gaming side of the room. The poster is a bit hard to match with any LED colours so I chose purple to flow with the white and it also contrasts nicely with the orange and black wallpaper.

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looks great...me so jelous now...cool poster..what is that of:thumb:
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It's Deathstroke from Batman Arkham Origins. Incredibly hard to match LED colour with the poster.
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if you get a tinted glass or acrylic sheet to cover up the pposter.like a painting frame with glass..and use a rgb led strip to fine tune it to a more greyish tint from behind the poster..it will pop like miley cyrus on her wrecking ball...biggrin.gif.have you played that game?

last batman i tried was the arkhym asylum...
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I'm embarrassed to say that I have never owned any Batman games. I've just always admired how badass Deathstroke looks. I'm not keen to spend too much money into making my room look perfect if I'm not starting from scratch and getting things perfect to begin with rather than altering everything. Can't exactly hit a grey with these RGB LEDs. I can get white. I don't like the idea of LEDs to highlight the poster anyway because there will be one spot of random LED running down my wall which itches my eyes haha
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Cool beans bro..was just over exited at your idea..got carried away..my project is on hold till i get response from pending stuff to arrive..till then..i refuse to touch it..but i am working on the case still..just gotta get more metal to make a few things..that need to be added..in the end..its gonna b slick as wet rubber..but work as hard as a mustang...
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I did a minor revamp again. I removed the poster which got a bit damaged, put my monitors side by side and level by placing a book under it 'Arnold Schwarzenegger The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding". biggrin.gif I'm ditching the whole chase after aesthetics thing, it costs too much time and money considering my PC isn't a showcase PC so I'm leaving everything as is. Might get a new mouse to replace my Rival - its left click is basically double travel distance compared to right click now. I'm considering a Ducky Secret. Apart from that, I think my setup is pretty neat and functional as is now.
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I did a minor revamp with my room. Got rid of my damaged poster frown.gif , moved my printer to my dedicated study space, removed my speakers and levelled out the monitors. My sub still remains for temporary speaker installation. Being a function > form person, I don't mind this minimalistic setup. It gives me some space to study, stretch out or share the desk.

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looks good no matter what you do...thumb.gif

if you really wnat to free up space..just install some shelves wide and strong enough to hold the pc tower/''s on them..so you have the whole desk open..
once i finish this project,,god knows when...im revamping one our houses rooms into a dedicated work living space..shelves..desks everything...just got to wait for inheritance to kick in one day...thumb.gifbiggrin.gif
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Slight update:
My was corner study desk got chopped up into pieces and reassembled into a new gaming desk. My old gaming desk became my new study desk. Things aren't perfect but I like it how it is.

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