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I've noticed that the NH-D15 stock fans only are 1500RPM. So I actually took the 2500RPM 140mm Thermalright fans from my old Silver Arrow and mounted them on the Noctua, and at full bore, I'm noticing a 5-10C drop in temps in SmallFFT, and with my current settings just enough to keep it under 80C. So it seems the stock fans just weren't moving enough air. But I'm definitely going to look into that x264 stress test instead.
I think Noctua copied the TY-14x fan series design for their NF-A14, NF-A15, etc fan blade design. They look and perform almost identically at same rpm. TY-140, TY-143 and TY-147 all preform the same up to 1300rpm, but of course TY-143 keeps on going to 2500rpm. only drawback is the faster it goes the louder it gets, but I often use them on coolers that never go above 1100rpm because they work very well at balancing speed and airflow when using 1300rpm PWM case fans controlled by CPU fan PWM signal.