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Watercooling GTX980 SLI

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Long time lurker first time poster.

I wonder if anyone can help me at all.

Im looking to water cool 2 GTX 980s in SLI.

Its all going to be connected to a Asus Rampage 5 extreme.

Can anyone tell me if ive selected the right components to do this as im unsure with the acrylic tubing ive selected to join the two cards up and i don't know if anyone has experience of using these acrylic tubes and how difficult it is to put it all together.

EK-HD Adapter 10/12mm - Black Nickel, Solid-tube Fitting X4
EK-HD Tube 10/12mm 2-Slot (2 pcs) X1
4GB Zotac GTX 980 X2
EK-FC980 GTX Acetal Full Cover Water Block for reference GeForce GTX 980 cards X2
EK-FC980 GTX Backplate - Black X2
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Yep, those should work just fine. As for the difficulty, it's not that bad. It helps to have a rigid SLI connector as opposed to a cabled one just to help keep the cards spaced correctly when installing them. You'll have to put the two cards together out of the machine and then install them both simultaneously. You'll also want to look into if you want the cards in parallel or serial if you already haven't.
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Hi Niceandcreamy

Thanks for your help on this i was slightly worried if i had selected the right fittings to do this or not glad that i have.

Im still not sure if I'm going to go parole or serial yet once all the components arrive I'm going to plan the full loop out.
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