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not sure if i'm in the right section or if there is a right section for the question on OCN but here it is.

i'm trying to find a way to have a browser(ex: firefox) switch focus to an existing tab with the url already open when clicking on a url from an external program (ex: excel)

so basically when i click on an URL stored on the excel sheet, it opens a new tab on firefox every time no matter how many existing tab is already opened with the identical URL.

so lets say i click on the urls in an excel sheet containing 5 instances of, it opens 5 instances of google tabs instead of just switching focus onto the existing tab that has google already open.

there are some security/license issues involved in opening multiple sessions of the some urls i'm looking to visit so it would be best if i can find a way to just switch focus of the browser to an existing tab that has the URL already open instead of opening a new tab/window each time the url is clicked on from excel.

if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to resolve this issue, it would be much appreciated.