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I recently purchased an Asus VX238H-W. I have it attached via a DVI (GPU) - HDMI (monitor) cable included with the monitor. However, when I move something quickly on the screen, the moving object becomes sort of pixelated. The pixels seem to flicker black and white really quickly. It looks like the image is leaving a one pixel trial of alternating white and black pixels... I can't seem to capture it on video, but other people have verified there is something funky with it. Googling has turned up no similar answers. I emailed support with no response. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

I already messed with the trace-free option, but it didn't help. Neither did the sharpness setting.
I also have an Asus VH238H from 3 years ago, but that one doesn't have this issue with the GPU I am outputting from.