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DSR & Forcing AA & SS

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Hey guys,
so I got my 970 and I tried to downsample some games. I used the new feature DSR, but no matter what resolution or blurry factor I set it's just ugly.
However there are other options to make games nicer, like forcing antialiasing trought the nvidia driver. (Is there another way, so the game icons aren't shown even after deleting the game? I read about nvidia inspector / nHancer, which is better?)

Also, if I force antialiasing trough the driver and then set supersampling too, is there a big difference? Should Antialiasing be equal to Supersampling ? Like 4x AA = 4x SS ? What about 8x AA & just 2x or 4x SS (or the opposite)?
And is there a big difference in image quality between 4x AA and 4x SS against 8x AA and 8x SS, or is the quality almost the same with worse performance?

Thank you a lot thumb.gif
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Supersampling is more or less the same as DSR and DSR is easier to force

Best combo would be something like 2xmsaa plus smaa 2tx plus 2xssaa/dsr
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