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I dont mind selling parts, but I know I'm keeping my ram,ssd and at least 1 2.5 hdd. I plan to sell my mobo ( GA-78LMT-usb3 ) and my cpu (fx-6300) hopefully together the mobo being 60 and the cpu being 110, i'm hoping to get 140 at least hopefully 150. and I've got someone local who wants to buy my 350D for 70$ I'll try to get him up to 80. Depending what case you guys help me choose, I might sell or keep my psu. its a XFX TS550 . so for 220$ i need the fastest, and smallest mobo,case and cpu, if its like the hadron air, then ill sell my psu , hopefully for 40 or so.. any tips or ideas on parts? ( btw my ram is 8gb of ADATA Gaming V2 2400mhz ram. (got it when similar corsair 1600mhz ram was 2$ cheaper back in january) and my gpu is a 6770. I'll sell it if the build is apu based.. Thanks guys thumb.gifbiggrin.gif