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I went to Gigabytes website, didn't see the x5660 listed as supported, waiting for Gigabyte to write back, I am running Bios R13 which in that version Gigabyte added TONS of support for. Do soem of these MoBo makes not fully update some CPUs as supported?

I may cancel the order until I get an definitive answer.
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It works with the lastest beta bios
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You guys are awesome, thanks again, I can tell the members here are an ocean of knowledge. I plan to drink it up! I love technology, love my computer! Love to fiddle with it, I just never took it to far. Overclocking is so new to me with the CPU anyway.

Thanks again so much!
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Well, I got the CPU in stupid fast! apparently is was one city over where it shipped from. I ended up getting a Xeon X5670 for cheap.

Put it in, still would like to OC it once the paste cures, I also reapplied the paste based on links shown here, thanks for that. I was actually getting upset at how much AS5 wanted to push out but I kept it minimal. The only issues I see so far? I upgraded the BIOS to the latest Beta Bios, F14P I believe. When I hit the power button, it went to BIOS screen then was Black after I exited BIOS, did a hard shutdown, powered up again, went to windows log on. I had it go black after BIOS after I did a reboot after an update I ran in Windows, again, hard shutdown, then started it up again, I got to Windows. No hiccups so far otherwise. I did write Gigabyte and yes, they said it was not a supported chip. Probably from a legal perspective with Beta Bios.

Though I think I saw someone with a similar MoBo with an X5650 use the last stable BIOS, but whatever.

I instantly ran it through stability checks and also installed my new Video Card that came in the same day haha. GeForce 970 GTX.

Next after the curing, I will want to see what my temps on a Xeon should be maximum to Overclock.
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I wouldnt use artic silver 5 is capacitative..and its performance isnt the best there are better solutions that doesnt need cure time.like the noctua nt h1.which cpu cooler do you use btw? And you saw that the cpu runs cooler compared to your 920
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Basically the temp dropped 50% ( I was amazed), I just do not know if that means the ceiling for heat for overclocking goes down as well for Xeons? I had been looking at Tuniq MX2, but didn't expect the CPU to get in in a day, eventually I will swap thermal paste as I heard some drop the temps but like 5 degrees.

Cooler is a Thermaltake NiC F3, I wanted one that would not block my RAM slots as I want as much RAM for Rendering. I will be rebuilding a new rig by late 2015 or early 2016. And then I do everything correct.

its cool that core speed with me not touching anything is at 3.2Ghz, so nice bump stock over the 2.66 920. Thanks for the recommendation, the extra cores will be great to for Rendering smile.gif Just praying on Beta Bios lol, stay stable!! If I am this far though I think I am out of the woods. just eventual OC.
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If you can tell me your case i can recommend a heatdink good enough to hold 4.5ghz (if your mobo let you) under 80usd

The temp dropped because the node of 32nm on which the cpu was made is less hot and uses less energy than a quad core at 45nm you can expect higher clock speed because it has less power leakage than 45nm.its like having an i7 2600k or better if your applications support more threads/corez
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