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Gpu issue with a Parvum case

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Hello all, first time building a computer in this case, everything have been ok and quite easy to mount everything so far but then I came to the last part for me and that is mounting the GPU, the bracket does not align at all with my gpu ( Asus GTX 970 Strix ) so I cant tighten it, and that does not feel safe at all

As you can see from the picture it looks quite weird, but I have looked at the parvum instruction manual on youtube, checked some pictures on other peoples cases and the bracket should be mounted like I have done, so is there anything I have missed?
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There is a slight trickiness to getting a GPU in. This is due to a tolerance in thickness of acrylic and there is nothing we can do about that. The company with even the best quality acrylic from Italy and Germany have the same 0.8mm in thickness change. This can understandably effect the GPU going into the bracket. We opted to use an aluminium bracket to give a little play in the bracket. When I put rigs together I have a friend push the bracket towards the GPU to allow me to screw it in. I've also found it much easier to screw in from the GPU first then into the back of the bracket.

Have a read here, lots of tips and you should get your GPU in OK:


We have a number of builds with 970's and 980's in so should be fine!
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Ok, I will give it another try, I tried to push it in but I found the acrylic to flex a bit to much. Will read what stands in that thread and see if I can manage

Thanks for the reply
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Ok, so I managed to get 1 screw in so it sits there, but as I continued it noticed the top have issues being aligned, I managed to force down a few screws but I cant fit the last one because the holes dont align at all probably because of the gpu bracket. Not that it matter either as I seem to be missing 5 screws so I cant get the back screwed on
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YGPM about resolving above ^^ smile.gif
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