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27" Monitor for graphic design - Crossover / QNIX

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Around 6 months ago I bought a Crossover 27Q-LED-P monitor and I’ve been very happy with it so far. However now my 24” TN panel is ruining the experience nerdsmiley.png. So I’m looking to buy another 27” monitor, at around the same price range.

I’ve done some more research and just when I bought it (6 months ago) I read that I should’ve actually bought the updated model: “BLACK TUNE” ((A)H-IPS instead of S-IPS). So far I’ve had no problems with the 27Q but I’d rather just get a newer model now, to replace my 24" TN panel.

So my question: What is the difference between the black tune model 2735, 2755 and 2763? I read somewhere the last 2 were 10-bit panels and the 35 is only 8. I would use this monitor at home almost exclusively for Photoshop and some movies here and there…So colour accuracy would be the main objective for this monitor.

I read http://www.overclock.net/t/1384767/official-the-qnix-x-star-1440p-monitor-club and these monitors seems to be cheaper than the Crossover and can also overclock to 120hz, although I don’t think I really want/need this option anyway. (I won’t play games on it)

So my final question: Why is the qnix so much cheaper than the crossover black tune (2755 and 2763)? I think the qnix is also 10bit panel?

Crossover 2735 - cheaper because no HDMI? 10 bit IPS panel?

Crossover 2755 / Crossover 2763 - is the only difference with the 2735 HDMI or is there something else too?

QNIX - 10bit PLS panel?

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If you're considering a 10-bit panel, be sure that your video card supports bit depths >8 bit. I think that consumer graphics cards are unable to do this.

Moving on to picture quality, it would be in your best interest to read the reviews. Often times, specs alone give very little insight. Also, bear in mind that the AG coating will significantly impact the overall picture quality. Glass panels are ideal but suffer the most from glare.

I'm not sure that AH-IPS is really any better than S-IPS. Just because it's newer certainly doesn't make it automatically better. I don't think you can go wrong with either of the two technologies.

I would suspect that, since there is very little difference between these Korean monitors, the price difference is mainly determined by the number and type of inputs as well as the presence of an OSD. Minimal inputs and no OSD benefits overclocking but most people demand support for multiple inputs these days.

If your budget is around $400, there are a couple non-Korean 1440p monitors that have apparently been on clearance in recent months. You might want to keep an eye on the BenQ BL2710PT and the HP ZR2740w until one goes on sale somewhere. A little extra money should be well worth the warranty, robust stand, and grade A panel for you since overclocking probably isn't your thing.
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Hey kingcrabmeat, thanks for the reply! I didn't know about the video card limitation of 8bit.

I thought new was always better biggrin.gif. I'll read some reviews about the different Crossover monitors and will look out for sales on those other ones. I don't care too much about the stands because I have a desk mount for them, but the warranty does sound good thumb.gif!
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