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I recently picked up a Corsair K70 RGB with Browns. This is my very first mech keyboard and I've been very happy with it. It does take some getting used to, but very satisfying !
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So without the OP mentioning what games or reason they want a mechanical keyboard for, the difference between 30-40 $ for a keyboard vs 100$ is enough to say 'Hey hold on, what are you buying a mechanical gaming keyboard for?" Or something to that effect.

All kinds of different reasons actually. I already have 3 different rubber dome keyboards and thought I'd try something new for my 4 and maybe 5 keyboard. I also play a wide variety of different type of games, so Im really not locked down to any specific genre. One important aspect is that the keyboard must be in aluminium/silver and be of high standard. Only found one keyboard that satisfied my need and was also offered in the language layout that I needed, and it was mechanical. So It combined my wish of trying something new with my demand for matching colors. The higher cost for this keyboard is really not of any concern to me.
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