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Need help with bending acrylic tubing.

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I need to ask a question about bending acrylic tubing on monsoon free center hardline fittings.
With these fittings they use a lock collar on the tubing. Well I've ran in to a little problem. On the bottom of the graphic card to the z87 chipset. My piece of tubing is tilted a little bit. Now the fittings are on and I did a pressure test and they hold fine but the graphic card is tilted way up and I don't won't to damage the card. Can I heat the acrylic tubing with the fittings on. It just need to bend a tad and it be fix. I'm in a tough place. I don't have any lock collars to wasted. Can someone help me with this. Thanks.
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All anyone is going to be able to say is that you can try and it might work. Reheating and bending often will result in a bend that looks less than perfect but if you can get it at an angle that will work functionally without twisting the card then it ought to be considered a win at least to use until you have the materials to try again.

Maybe use some masking tape to hold the loose collars out of the way of the heat as much as possible, slip in the bending cord, and give it a go. As almost everyone who has attempted bending an acrylic loop will attest, there will be mistakes and waste so buy as much extra as you can, and if you don't have any extra all you really can do is try to make whatever you have work.

I haven't used them but I can see how those Monsoon Hardlines with the glue on collars make it much more difficult. Hey, it could have been worse. At least it sounds like you remembered to slip the fitting compression rings on the tube before you glued all the collars like others have managed to do...
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So! Oops.

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Well i took a chance and it worked out. I heated it up a foot away from it and went left to right and top, side and bottom. The graphic card came down. Then i tighten it up. Working with these fittings are really different from primochill or bitfenix ones. But all in all i really like how these monsoon fittings look.
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