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Hi Everyone,

One of the best forums, great people and advice on here always.

i know this has been asked so many times and the debate is strong on both sides. Before i start.

My Rig
Thermalyake gt10 case
Corsair AX1200i power supply
Corsair h100 water cooling
Intel i7 3930 3.2g (clock to 4.2, runs real smooth 24/7)
Sabertooth x79 motherboard. Latest bios installed 4608. Amazing board with amazing features.
Ripjaws 2133 ram 32gb (I bought them together at the same time. 4 x8b stick, CL 9-11-11-31
1 x Gtx 680oc 2gb by gigabyte video card (latest drivers, never ever overclocked, like to be more then safe, and it stays cool
Patriot 240ssd for work (graphic Design)
Intel 240gb intel 530 series (for games only)
2 x wd 3tb hdd's (spinners) set as raid for backup and storage
Win 7 ultimate
2 x Dell 2412m 24"1920 x 1200 ( buying a third this christmas so will be 3 x dell 2412m 1920 x 1200)

I just boot into the selected drive for gaming (intel 530 series 240gb)

I dont want to ask the same question again but i will ask it this way. This poll/thread was amazing to read and the people that replied in it, i say thank you for your time and professionalism.
Youngbenny 911 had some very strong points that really helped me understand. Also big thanks to the professional game developers and peers that joined in, as they also said some very vaild points that made me think twice about how to ask the question. i hope the way i ask the question my help many others also.

I LOVE playing games. I am a sucker for them and i am sick on console gaming at the moment. i also do graphic design work using adobe etc on two screens is done without a issue at all.
I built my PC with a tech friend approx 1.5 years ago, and was told its a strong build. ( i know its old now but it performs very well to my needs.)
I LOVE playing games at there highest settings so that i can get the full graphic detail experience, and i also want the smooth game play also everyone talks about. (FPS and detail). I really like to see the amazing detail in the games that are around now days. ( i know i can still play the games at lower setting but i really want to see the detail)

My experience is as follows. The first game i played on the pc was Max Payne 3. on 1 x dell 2412m 1920x1200. I was a little pissed/upset that i did have to turn down the anisotropic filtering down to x8 or the msaa down. ( either way it was because the screen showed red on my memory usage going over 2gb in the game menu. I tried to play it and it was unplayable being very jerking and unsmooth in its game play. I would not play it like that. ( not sure what the professional term is to use, but the game was very jerky to play) When i tried on my friends 1920x1080 24" i was able to run the anisotropic filtering to x16 and the game played smooth and it looked very nice also. Honestly but....the game looked that bit nicer on the 24" 1920 x1200. I liked it smile.gif If anisotropic filtering was up to x16 on the 1920x1200 it would of been like, shut the gates, i aint leaving. basically **** hot i reckon. ( or am i wrong here, does the extra high setting make a difference or not?)
I also played other games that i was able to run every setting at max there was and they ran fine like borderlands for example. I dont wan to have a game debate, i just want to have a great card that will allow me to enjoy the upcoming games and not have to constantly upgrade video cards to enjoy them at there max setting. I use the MAX SETTING, because the games look TOOOO good at those setting. Maybe i am just used to console graphics and after getting onto a PC that can pay games i was taken back.

After playing PC games, i think its hard for me to go back to consoles. I want to take myself to the next level of experience and i would like to play using triple screens. Playing on one screen and seeing the awesome details in PC games is great, i feel 3 x 24" 1920 x 1200 would be amazing.

I keep reading and have done to much to no conclusion as yet. I am still a little confused on this whole 2gb vram vs GPU power to process data etc etc. Many mention Dual 680oc 2gb are more powerful then a single GTX 970, 980, and 780ti. I get that part OK as dual 680's 2gb push and pull slightly more the the single cards...OK...thats cool.

So, what do i do here please.

1: should i upgrade my GV-N680oc 2gb to a newer card with more vram and processing power or SLI it? I paid $650 plus when it came out and only used it for approx 1.5 years, its still immaculate condition) I can buy a second GC-N680oc 2gb at the moment for $215 AU dollars (which is pretty good)....your help please
2: I want to play games....well, at there Highest setting so i can "Enjoy" them to there fullest and i want smooth game play ( or am i wrong to want that in games or is there a break even point where you dont see anymore detail in the games) your advice, i am open ears
3: I will be gaming on 3 x1920 x 1200 24" screens dell 2412m, I currently game on 1x 24 1920 x 1200 (am i good for triple screen gaming with GV-N680oc 2gb for the highest setting and smooth game play)
4: i dont want to be upgrading my video card/s every year either please ( if it means i need to bit my tongue on games to come and slightly lower the highest setting then i would like to be told so, you can be blunt with me i appreciate constructive criticism), but i dont want to have to lower setting and make the game "not" look so nice either just to be able to make it playable.
5: Is my Motherboard and PC hardware good to support what i would like to do with gaming.

I want to enjoy PC gaming please.I want to enjoy the detail in the games and smoothness. I dont just want to be able to play the game "i want to really play the game" i want to be taken back by the awesome detail and experience and i am confused of what to do regarding my GPU as i feel that's my bottle neck, i think my PC is strong enough for gaming?. I am happy to comparise, i do understand next generation games will need more power and vram etc etc, so....yes maybe in the next one-two years i would need to lower some setting, but i would be proud to i got a good card and i still run games at high setting, there very smooth and l enjoy them very much. Im not a doctor either so my pockets dont go down to my ankles. But i respect that paying a little extra in the right area makes a difference (basically i not going to be like, i want the world for 50 cents). Happy to spend if the gain is worth it.

so weather i will have vram issues, or horse power issues with my GPU, i would like to know. Its the balance between my hardware that i would like to get right please, to achieve a great gaming experience. Will the GV-N680sc 2gb be ok for the next 2-4 years with my current PC parts listed above for "gaming" to achieve amazing detail and smoothness in games and games to come ( i mention the parts in the PC as some intelligent people have mentioned certain things about the PCI express lanes on the mother boards being x16 and some x8, i think the X79 has 3 x x16 PCI-E slots, would that help my cause in anyway), as for the graphic design work it will be more then fine (i think), or am i pushing to much weight up a hill and expecting to much from the GV-N680oc 2gb?

I am very sorry about the length of this, but i really want to know where i stand and what to do please.

thank you in advance