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Audio Technica M50x for gaming??

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How would these fare for gaming?
Anyone use them??
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It depends what you mean by "gaming" i.e. if you need to pinpoint footsteps in Counterstrike or mostly play singleplayer stuff and want something that'll produce cool explosions or whatever. For the former, they wouldn't be bad but they wouldn't be great either. Are you going to buy headphones primarily for gaming or would movies/music be the main use? Do you need them to be closed or is open fine (latter leaks noise in/out but typically has a better soundstage i.e. positional accuracy for stuff like CS)?
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I own both the AudioTechnia ATH-M50 and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 headphones.

by far and away (if you don't need something fairly portable) I'd take the DT770's all day in gaming ...well and honestly everything else.. the DT770's have a pretty nice sound stage for being closed ... the m50's do not have a very good sound stage and are not honestly all that ideal for gaming.

however ... I have and use my M50's I take them with me to work / out and about and travel with them.. very rugged fairly portable....

as mentioned in previous post open headphones tend to be better for gaming .. however .. if you have a noisy area and or others near by open headphones will be problematic.

I had the Audiotechnia AD700's briefly... my wife would get annoyed if i used them because they leaked sound and disturbed her as her computer was next to mine at our old house...

I sold them but I also have the Pioneer SE-A1000 open headphones that I got on a closeout sale at bb for $35 ..these are nice (if you have a biggish~ head...or are willing to do a simple mod (look on head-fi) quite a bargin @ $50 some last time I looked ... they do leak sound as open headphones will but now that we moved that isn't as much of a problem for me now.
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