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I disable the LLC in order to get Vdroop to achieve lower vcore at higher load and higher vcore at lower load, because as the CPU load increase the the multiplier decrees from 23 to 20 progressively.

v1.437 at BIOS (mobo ASUS P6T)
v1.432 at idle (27C)
v1.408 at 4.58GHz stable (using 2 threads)
v1.392 at 4.38GHz stable (using 6 threads)
v1.368 at 3.98GHz stable (using 12 threads) (74C prime95)

Second question:
With qpi/dram at v1.375 it is stable with BCLK at 199Mhz, but I am forced to use 1.39 because anything lower than v1.39 (at 199mhz) it say OC fail every time I start my PC and I have to go to the BIOS every time and just exit without changing anything, and continue normally after that with qpi/dram at v1.375 without any instability issues. So by having qpi/dram v1.39 solve all that but is it considered a bit high?
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