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Over clocking experience is very limited would appreciate it if you would look over the O.C. and confirm or make recommendations for changes to the settings. Little bit nervous due to lack of knowledge concerning over clocking first time on Sandy Bridge E.

24/7 OC at 4.5 GHz highest core temp 80c.

Asus Rampage 4 Black Edition
CPU I 7 4930K
CPU Heat Sink Noctua NH-D14
Memory G-Skill 2133 MHz 16 Gig Quad Kit
PSU Corsair 1200w
Case Fans Nocuta x 11 intakes 1 exhaust
Ambient Temps 22c to 24c
Hard Drives Intel SSD & 4 x Velocity Raptors.

Current O.C. 4.5 GHz V Core 1.296v Core Temp highest temps 84c for three seconds. Prime 95 for 2 hours stable. Thru the 2 hour test 74c thru 81c. Think the limit for the O.C and cooling is 4.5 GHz at 1.296v.

1. The final over clock C:State is disabled. Will that effect the performance of the SSD?
2. Should the setting be changed from manual mode to Offset Mode? Do not want the CPU during idle state running at 4.5 Ghz.
3. Should the BIOS settings be Strap 100? Have read the post on OCN concerning strap has me confused due to my lack of knowledge.

Started out with the BIOS settings on default. Set the memory to 1.65v at 1600 MHz and the timing at 9-11-10-28-2.
Did not change the base clock of 100 only the multiplier adjust by all cores to started at 4.0 GHz Unstable at 4.5 GHz could boot to windows. Core Temps at 4.5 Ghz 89c stopped the test.

Changed these settings every thing else in BIOS set to Default Settings.

Current BIOS Settings:
Base Clock 100
Manual/Set by all cores 45
Do not plan on over clocking the memory.
Dram Frequency 2133
Dram Timing Control 9-11-10-28-2
Dram Voltage 1.65v
Extreme Tweaking: Disabled
EPU Power Savings Mode: Disabled
Extreme over Volt: Disabled
CPU-V Core Voltage 1.296
VTT CPU Voltage 1.10000
2nd VTT CPUv Auto
CPU VSSA 1.50v
CPU VLL 1.80v
CPU Speed Spectrum Disabled
PCIE Speed Spectrum Disabled

Advanced CPU Configuration:

Active processor Cores:All
Limit CPUID : Maximum
Intel Virtualization Technology: Disabled

CPU Power Management Configuration:
Enhanced Intel Speed Step Tecnology: Disabled
Turbo Mode: Enabled
CPU C States: Disabled: Concern effect SSD Performance?

Thank You