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I've received several packages over the last few days. Pretty excited to start building in this case.

Phobya balancer 150

Got a bunch of randomly colored fittings... Why? Because they were on sale and i plan on painting them anyway

Also got a few goodies from mnpctech:
3x80mm grills and 1 200mm grill

240mm rad grill and an "Overkill" fan opening

And the case of course. Realized too late that i pulled a bonehead move and ordered a windowless version. mad.gif Guess thats just one more thing to add to the list of things to do

I was pleasantly surprised that they are now including dust filter material in the vertical vents on the front panel. A feature that seemed to be a complaint in most reviews.
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Just read a review on this at Hardocp and it wasn't good. But hey if you got the know how it does make one hell of a funky case thumbsupsmiley.png

I cannot put my finger on it - an old juke box, something out of Bioshock a retro radio ...... there definitely is an attraction. tongue.gif
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Hi guys, Ive had the Steam castle for a while now. Finally started to put some components in it. I went with an FX-6300 and gtx 960. I flipped the side panels so the window is on the opposite side and I now get a much better view of the MB. I am planning on putting a custom watercool loop into this thing and I have a few questions from the guys who have this case.
1- In the lower compartment next to the 2.5inch bays is there enough room for a water pump?
2- can I truly fit a 240mm radiator w/fans on the upper radiator mount.
3- More of a general question. I am looking at installing my reservoirs on the outside of the case. Specifically looking for some 80mm round reservoirs to fit inside of the "turrets" on top. It looks like there may be just enough room in the upper compartment to install the fitting so no water lines will have to be routed outside the case. I have found only one place to get 80mm reservoirs. Koolance. At $50 per 80x120 reservoir it is pretty steep for a no frill reservoir.

Thank you.
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f52292e7eef27aa57dd812ad57bef3db.jpg I put in an XSPC loop. The fit is tight

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to show you guys my take on the steam castle and hope it gives someone the inspiration to get this great case.

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