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If you can get the TY-147 at a decent price, I would suggest that first. Having a good fan around is never a problem. They always seem to find a nice place to run. biggrin.gif

Here I can buy them for about £7.00 including tax.
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My choice is between Noctua nh-u12s push / pull and Megahalems + TY-147 push / pull which of these configurations is the best solution for low temperatures and silence?

I found the TY-147 here in Italy from Amazon at € 8.81 excluding shipments
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Megahlem and NH-U12S performance is close to identical .. as identical as margin of error allows. Get the one that is cheaper.

Using 2 fans instead of 1fan will only gain 1-1.5c better cooling .. not really worth the added expense. Key is to have a good fan with good static pressure to overcome the cooler's resistance. Then 2nd fan is redundant. 2nd fans only improve cooling by more the 1-1.5c if fan has too low a static pressure and cannot overcome the cooler's resistance and supply enough airflow.

Oh, and cooler weight on motherboard is not a problem .. unless you drop your case or something similar.

What Thermalright coolers are available there? They make some really good coolers.
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Of termalright I could buy the true spirit 120 that is compatible with my case or Thermalright Macho problems but maybe I use all four memory slots. I think I will choose the Noctua nh-u12s I have it priced at € 59.90 including shipping or second fan to € 79.80. It is not a question of money but I just want to get the best silent and low temperatures solution, but are still undecided. I appreciate the size of the Noctua and the clearance of the RAM, so I think a heatsink with 140mm fan can do better both in noise performance, I would have certainly chosen the Noctua nh-u14s but my case is not compatible
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Some questions about Megahalems and ram compatibility. I am using Gskill Ripjaws X series four modules 40mm high, you can install Megahalems with 140mm fan or I would have problems with dimensions of cooler master elite 430 or gskill memory ?

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Megahalems cooler will fit. The problem is RAM under fan.
40mm = RAM
+3mm = socket
43mm = motherboard to top of RAM

120mm = fan
+43mm = RAM & socket
163mm = motherboard to top of fan

163mm = CPU clearance in case
+ 8mm = motherboard to top of CPU
171mm = motherboard to case side cover

` ` 8mm = clearance

Keep in mind that the testing procedure used my most reviews is seriously flawed. The use of room ambient temperature is not an accurate baseline for temperature of air going into cooler. Check the temperature of your room, then check the temperature near your desk / computer. I'm betting a cup of coffee it is a couple degrees warmer .. and this will be cooler than the air inside of case, especially under load. Air going into cooler under heavy load is often 8-12c warmer than room. Switching to a different cooler changes airflow characteristics and therefore temperature .. and if the air going into cooler is 12c warmer, the CPU will be at least the same amount warmer. tongue.gif Simply changing cooler fan speed usually changes cooler intake air temp .. as does adding a 2nd or 3rd fan.

This is why we see one review changing from push to push / pull getting 1-3c improvement and another getting 6-7c improvement. It's not the fan improving cooler, but the fan changing case airflow and cooler getting lower temperature air.

I often have a second cooler fan as rear exhaust plugged into same control as CPU cooler. This greatly helps exhaust the heated air coming out of cooler .. case exhaust fan is moving same amount of air as cooler fan .. all of air into cooler is exhausted out of case.

Example of how this works is Thermalright HR-22 and Macho Zero having a duct from cooler to rear exhaust with no fan on cooler, yet it performs as good or better than similar coolers with fans.

If you haven't read it, you might find the case cooling link in my sig interesting. wink.gif
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So I think Noctua nh-u12s may be my choice, is 100% compatible ram memory and the good size for my case.

Thanks for your advice thumb.gif

This is my configuration fans of Cooler Master Elite 430 Black:

x1 Fan 120mm Front (Cooler Master Fan pre-installed) (140mm optional)
x1 Fan 120mm Rear (Enermax Everest Advance 120mm installed)

Other recommendations how to improve the thermal solution but maintain silent cooling solution ?
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Wich fans (120mm) do you recommend for mounting on the bottom and top of the case ?
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