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Hey guys so for some reason just recently my computer has been acting strange. Ive been getting random blackscreens during browsing, youtube, and even games. The audio still plays until Windows senses I guess that the GPU crashed and restarts. No logs, no errors nothing. No warning nether. I've try just about everything.

Driver sweep, reverts, reseating the cards, cleaning, registry edits, and power options. Still same issue. Its even happening in the bios!! I'm afraid its my card's dying or my psu? I can afford to get a new card but dont want to since that cuts into my Christmas gifts funds which just makes me look selfish lol. Any help?

Last resort would be reinstalling windows =/ I'm watercooled so no overheating issues and its been just this past week. Im guessing one of my games I installed from steam caused it but i just don't know. Its as if the screen goes to sleep and doesn't want to come back up. Says no input.


ROG Formula VI running 1603 Bios
i7 4770K stock clocks but only 3 cores active( One died from too much stress OCing frown.gif )
16gbs trident g.skill running 1333mhz. Stock runs 2400mhz.
GTX 570's sli Stock clocks and volts.