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Sorry for the confusion. It came with another dell power supply. This one is for the Beast adapter. Not the alienware alpha dell power supply.

I will just find out how it turns on when I buy my 1050 in two weeks or so.
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Hello I was wondering if any one could help . I need to reset my alpha to factory with the backup usb drive I made through alien respawn. My problem is I do not know what to do after I reset to get all the right drivers and software back on the system. This is an original alpha i3 with 8 gig upgrade. Another problem I am having is the smart repair option has been running for quit some time now and I don't want to turn it off in fear of her time getting things even further.
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So do any Xeon CPU work for the Alpha?
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I've replaced my i3-4130T with a spare i5-4570 84w CPU and can confirm it works perfectly, better overall performance, while the CPU temperatures have gone up from ~70 to ~78 degrees. I've not noticed any throttling. Very pleased considering.
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did u run benchmark program with the i5 4570?

if u didn't, can u run the Cinebench R15?

usually, i5 4570 single-core score is around 140 and multi-core score is around 490

i'm about to change my cpu, and i heard that 4590s triggers minimal throttling

what about 4570?

the score would be similar?
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Cpu 344
Cpu single core 133

So i take that means multi core is throttled, but single core maybe not or just a little?

Also your post seems a little confusing... Are those benchmark scores for the i5-4570 or i5-4590?
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thank you for ur reply drblind !!

those scores are for i5 4570 (http://www.cpu-monkey.com/en/compare_cpu-intel_core_i5_4570-25-vs-intel_core_i5_4590-357)

in addition, among our posts, a user named hermitmaster bought 4590S and it ran full speed under most conditions


but I still don't know if there is no throttling even with the S version (I wanna ask him to run the Cinebench R15 lol)

And 4785T(maybe the most powerful cpu we can use without throttling theoretically because it's T version) score is this

singe : 116, multi : 505

so maybe 4785t is the best option u could consider (if the S version throttles too)
because at least it's multi score is over 500 (even though single score is low)
but it's expensive and hard to get

and I think in usual uses (not benchmark or extreme game option), cpu of normal version(without S or T) like 4570 is good to use (at least better than i3)
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It is possible to make the 4590S throttle on synthetic benchmarks, but I have never observed throttling under normal usage. Buying the T-series chips is kind of silly because they're generally incredibly expensive and hard to find. The S-series chips are cheap, plentiful, and exhibit minimal throttling.
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thank you for ur quick response hermitmaster

if it's possible, would u run the cinebench R15 test?

this is short cut for that test from official maxon site (http://http.maxon.net/pub/benchmarks/CINEBENCH_R15.zip)

anyway, thank you for ur comment smile.gif
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Hi again, I think I agree, I dont think the benchmark tells the whole story. If i compared my i5-4570 cinemark r15 with the stock i3-4130T CPU the figures I got are not a lot more, yet in actual use it seems a fair bit faster.

I dont think the T series are worth getting due to rarity, S or standard better, maybe S if prices are same.
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