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Okay, so I'm definitely getting an Acer 4K monitor. Either the B286HK, XB280HK (Gsync one) or the B326HK (HIGHEST want and goal).

I'm rocking a 3GB GTX 780 SC on the video card side, and mostly watch movies/TV shows (why I favor the IPS 32" one), and honestly... I only game in Tera; a free to play MMO, if anyone with similar specs can be kind enough to download and try and post results. It's near impossible to get 4K benchmarks on that game. I do have a Steam library with over 440 games, and Origin games like BF, Crysis etc, and I enjoy playing them on occasion, but my main focus is Tera.

Do you guys think Tera will run well at 4K on a GTX 780? On 1440p and max settings I constantly am at 80 in walking (80 is cap), and in fights dip a bit to 50-60 or so, but most of the lag honestly comes from my ping. If I can game well at 4K max on Tera, I would most certainly go for the 32" IPS model for media consumption. If I'd have to worry, I might look at the XB Gsync for elimnating any possible tearing or what have you, but that and the B286 are TN. How "much worse" is TN in these panels compared to IPS? I read and hear that the new 4K monitors all use a better TN panel than what we hear, but I'm curious to see comparison shots of similarly calibrated panels showing these 4K TNs to an IPS.

I know me saying I watch movies and game more will have most people replying "go with the TN for low response and Gsync" automatically, but even playing FPS on a 5ms IPS is no issue for me at all. I don't play competitively, and 5ms is a non issue; I assume even the 6ms on the B326HK. And as tempting as the Gsync one is, the bezels in comparison aren't as glamorous.

Any feedback would be appreciated.