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Thanks Redwoodz! Its always nice to hear that im heading in the right direction. Just FYI, my current Phenom II X4 965 is running about 42C (low load). From my understanding its fairly decent?

But at the same time I hear Noctua can cool CPU down to like 29C.

Now that you have that upgrade itch its time to stop playing around with air coolers(Noctua NH-D14, etc. , All in one coolers (H70, H100, etc.) and go water cooling. Thats is of course after you learn how to overclock from the awesome people here on this forum. heres a little reading material smile.gif


My cpu stays at room temp idle with just my nexxos monsta 120mm rad. Right now its sitting at 9C idle and while gaming i was at 23C and i'm running 4.7ghz at 1.4v. I have yet to try for 5ghz but i've been waiting for winter break when i can get some PTO to spend a day or two to see where my chips max overclock will land(hoping 5.2-5.4) with just a single 120mm x 80mm rad.

Enjoy the new hardware and good luck with the overclocking!!!!
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Here are the temps with my new FX-8370 (/w old Corsair H60) and R9 290. Low load.

CPUID.png 197k .png file

Let me know what you think fellas.

The GPU has a very annoying, high pitch coil whine. Any way to fix it? Im hoping itll go away eventually... The sooner the better.
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