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[Build Log] The Manhattan Project

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Since about April of this past year I have been researching and hoarding parts for a new build, carefully only buying when the prices were at their lowest. Everything is finally in except for the anti-static mat I bought, which im going to find valuable as this is the first time ill be prebuilding the pc outside the case to test it and update everything before the final assembly. Usually I just toss it all in and go from there. I also kept it in my projected $3-3.5K sweet spot.

Final System Specs:


I also picked up a Asus STU standalone DAC+AMP ( http://www.asus.com/us/Sound_Cards_and_ ... sence_STU/ ) on the cheap and upgraded with Muses opamps which cost about $50 each. The Video Card is the only thing I havnt upgraded to max for this build. I'm waiting for a big Maxwell chip (a gtx 980 ti / 990) to land before putting the money down, im thinking spring next year. If I need anything before then I can crossfire the r9 280 cards to get about gtx 980 performance, but that's a lot of wattage and you need a game to have crossfire support to work well. Also waiting for a corsair k70 rgb to come out that doesnt have the gay logo and has brown switches.

Today Im prepping the case as I wait for the anti-static pad, which if the company is competent should be here tomorrow b/c they're warehouse is only located an hour or two away.
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First mistake out of the way, thought i checked that the 750d supported 140mm fans on the bottom but only 120mm. looks like ill now have the two front as intake, one rear intake, and the h240x on top as exhaust
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So the fans have been a pit of a pain, the back one went in fine but the two fronts just dont want to sit right. the top front fan also had its wires somehow squeezed in a crack int he chassis and it did not want to come out.
The top fan now is sitting fine with the rubber "inserts" keeping it secure, the bottom fan though had to be but into slot holes for the screws and the rubber inserts dont work. the screws in it now also cannot be overtightened or else they will bend the fan a bit. I may decide to put the lower one on the inside half of the front panel, this may also give it more room to breath and room for the wiring as well.

Right now im testing the h240x and i put in the cpu. I inspected the pins pretty closely and they all look good. Putting the pressure down on that cpu cover always seems like youre going to break something but it must be done. feel free to check out my workspace

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First off my apologies for the pictrures, i onyl have my phone's camera and it turns blacks into a purple haze unless the flash is on. bad for a black and white build.

I decided to switch the front fans up by bringing the bottom most one to the inside, i also made sure there is little to no other spot to bring in air except for through the front fan filter.

Looks a tiny bit funky but its a better, more secure fit.

Next i decided to tackle the H240x

I used twist ties to keep the fans in place since the screws go through the fans and into the rad.

The screws are short so they don't go through and into the radiator, though this is a bigger stretch once you add the chassis top thickness and the need for the rubber washer grommets. The washer grommets are needed as the head of the screws arnt big enough to not slip through the screw holes. One or two threads are showing and I may have gotten another 2 or in there when the rubber compressed during tightening.

Here you can see to get the screws tight the rubber washer grommets got deformed. Im not sure how I feel about this, i dont care about the looks as they will be covered but i dont want anything to slip through or fail .

A pic of the washer grommets shape, the large size goes on the outside.

On the top you can see how the screw head is just a tiny bit too small for the hole.

If there is another more elegant solution out there, im all ears.
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I put the mother board in today and mounted the cooler onto the cpu. Everything today just seemed to want to fight me. The io shield, the changing the screws for the cooler, mounting the motherboard. One of the standoffs had bad threading in it and screwds would go about a thread deep then start to get cross threaded, this had to be changed and of course it was the one under the cooler res as well.

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PSU in, spent some time planning and rerouting the already ziptied in front IO wires. Its starting to look good.
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