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Is this reality or just bad sample? I was just about to pull the trigger on these because the capacity and being 5900rpm so they should be pretty low noise. Have not seen any reviews where they measure the operating noise. frown.gif

I have 1 3TB 7200rpm seagate on my nas box which is in the same room where I sleep and it's noisy, but that is the max noisiness I can stand.

it has more platters and maybe that's the reason for being so noisy. MInd you that it is noisy only when it searches something, watching a movie or being idle is like any other disk. The moving heads make the noise. It's one of the loudest disks i've ever had in the last 20 years. On the bright side i didn't experience the slowdowns the others did

I also have the seagate st3000dm001 and it's very quiet for my taste
That is the model with legendary break record according to backblaze, and i have two of those as well. Both been running 2 years straight with no issues. smile.gif

Today i ordered two of those archive drives and hopefully the seek noise is not too bad for my taste. I already think that the st3000dm001 is noisy when reading and writing, so not sure was my investment good one or not. Maybe I need to mod some rubber string attachment for the drives.
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Heads up!

Got my new archive drives and did some quick testing. So far so good, all my performance results were pretty much inline with all the other but the most positive thing is that these are quiet drives. Don't know if it's the new firmware or some changes in production, but I was cautiously prepared to own more noisy than the ST3000DM001 drives I own currently. While both running on the table side by side, the 8TB drive was barely noticeable under the noise of the 3TB drive. Operation noise so much lower and seek noise during data movement was also noticeably quiet than on the 3TB drive.

As for speed, well... it's a mixed bad as you already know to expect from these drives, but not as bad as some suggest. While moving my data to new drives, copying small files like music/pictures was first at 190-150 MB/s for some time because of the 20GB buffer on these drives. After that dropped to 30-50 MB/s speed. But when copying big files like games and movies the speed was great all the way till the drive was full. Speed was around 100-150 MB/s, but most of the time the drive where I copied the data from was the slower one according to windows resource monitor.

Model: ST8000AS0002-1NA17Z

Firmware: AR15
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