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[Build Log] Clean 1.0 - Caselabs S3 w/ Pedestal

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So I've decided to get stuck into it and build up a new system. This is the first time I've made a build log (and posted for that fact) so it'll be a learning experience for me. I like to keep things short and sweet so I'll get right into it. Just a word of caution, I am pedantic with my formatting and "clean" look of things (hence the build name!) so I'm sorry if the way I structure my posts is annoying to you. I hope everyone can follow!

The idea behind the build (Click to show)
The main idea behind the build is to create a clean system that is also portable (I know the pedestal may make that a bit of a challenge here but I really just couldn't help myself. It just looked so snug and just fit with the case that I had to have it. I do some photo and video editing as a hobby and play games (DotA 2 mainly) so I want a system that has some power but I really don't have any need to go overboard with the specifications.
Main Components (Click to show)
CPU: 4790k
Motherboard: Asus Impact VII
GPU: Haven't completely decided but something around the mark of a 770 will do
Memory: HyperX Fury 1866 16GB
PSU: Corsair 860i (Overkill I know, I have a spare one laying around that's why I'm using it)
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
Fans: All Noiseblocker
Watercooling Components (Click to show)
Waterblocks: Everything that can be blocked will be (excluding HDDs) with original CSQ design, frosting will remain intact (I know that a lot of people hate the look but personally I love it)
Radiators: 3x EK Coolstream PE 240mm (May add a 4th if it looks alright)
Reservoir: EK XRES 250 w/ Multiport top
Pump: Swiftech MCP35X w/ EK DDC Top and Bitspower Heatsink
Fittings: All Bitspower Black Sparkle
Tubing: E22 Acrylic Tubing

I think that's everything to do with the planning of the build. Updates will start rolling in once I've started receiving parts. So far I've order the case, fans, radiators and reservoir, pump as well as some of the blocks and fittings to fill the pedestal. Unfortunately I can't do much until the case arrives and that'll be at least 2 weeks away, I'm guessing.

I'll just make a note that this build will be pretty slow going as the time I have to work on it is limited. Thanks for checking it out!
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I've had a few bits and pieces come in, not too much though and not particularly the parts I'm looking forward to finally having in my hands. Nonetheless I'm going to take a few pictures. Unfortunately I've not a very good camera or setup for lighting so I've had to come to terms with just using my iPhone for now. I plan on picking up some equipment to improve my photography in the future but alas it won't be any time soon.

The case should be in my hands within the next 2 weeks which I'm really looking forward to as I can actually start doing some work on the build.
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