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Too hot

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I just finished building my gaming rig. It is cooled with an alphacool kit. My processor is a i7 5820k Haswell E. When I run prime95 the temperature jumps on all six cores from the low 30s to the 70s and 80s. This happens within 1 sec. Any ideas?
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Are you at stock clocks? If so, you might need to reseat your cpu block with high quality TIM. Do your temps stay around 70-80 or do they go up even more?

Also, are you using prime 95 with AVX2 testing turned on? If so, turn it off and see where your temps are.
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For reference, when testing with P95 v28.5 small fft on a i7 4770k:
- at stock : max core temp 64C
- 4.3GHz/1.32V : 88C
Of course, as always, do not use Prime(or other synthetics stress tests) with "Adaptive voltage" on!
"Adaptive voltage" makes your voltage spikes up a lot with AVX2 instructions.
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How do I determine if AVX2 is turned on? I'm also going to reseat the cpu and apply better TIM. Thanks to both for your quick responses.
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It's not something you turn on or off, AVX2 support is built into the CPU. Some programs will use AVX2 instructions, most of them do not. AFAIK, only stress tests use AVX2(like linpack, prime95, etc)
The only thing you can do on your side is turning off "adaptive voltage" in your BIOS. That will prevent feeding your CPU too many volts when using this kind of stress tests.
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