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Got kind of a strange one here... I will start out with the goal, then give you the parts I have, and hope for a solution.

Living room gaming/media pc that outputs sound to either the tv, or 2 pairs of wireless headphones. Front panel audio jack needs to still work, all rear panel audio jacks need to work (gpus hdmi, analog, optical). Have all wireless transmitters plugged in internally of the case so there are no wires/boxs sitting outside the case.
I dont want to have to get up to plug or unplug things just to get sound from one device.... it all needs to be controllable from windows.

Parts I have for this:
Steelseries 7xb - 2 pairs (got for 10 bucks a pair new)
asrock z77e itx motherboard
case is a lian li tu100

My possible solution for this. Get a hd front panel audio splitter, hook up the front panel to one side of the splitter, then hook the other end to the wireless transmitters. Now, the transmitters will be powered on any time the computer is on, so the computer will always see a front panel signal.... Im just not sure if the gpu audio will still work when the front panel detects something is plugged in.

My other thought would be to get a usb soundcard and plug that into the internal usb header, then plug the headphones into that.

What are your thoughts?