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Ok so I am overclocking my canyon and I have hit 4.6 ghz stable. But voltages are borderline for me. My last M/B didnt have this issue.

Also, I have read mixed opinions on 1.3v being the "max"

MSI Gaming 5 series M/B
Core I5 4690k
8 gig PNY high performance ram
Nvidia gtx970
128gb samsung SSD
1 Terabyte HDD

Default (3.5ghz temps)

23c idle
50c aida64

Temps: 33c idle
Aida64 max load: 62c

EDIT: Also I want to know what is the max voltage I can get this thing up to without damaging the cpu, And If I do that can I expect 3 to 4 years out of this cpu at minimum?

Please give me some opinions and/or advice. I will much appriciate it. Thanks in advance.
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