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So I'm building myself a new computer and have pretty much figured everything out, except for an (optional) SSD to put the OS on.

If I do put one in, I want the fastest possible with my motherboard, an ASUS z97-Pro. (

It looks like the M.2 technology is the fastest I can get right now, and I found this nice little Samsung M.2 (

The confusion comes in at shared bandwidth. From what I've just tried to understand I'm getting the feeling that the M.2 slot shares bandwidth with the PCIe slots. I intend to install two Geforce 650 Ti Boost video cards in SLI. I understand that they will both be running at x8 instead of x16, and I'm not terribly worried about this, but if they're taking up enough of the PCIe bandwidth that they need to split it, does that mean that the M.2 would be running lower? Or that the graphics cards would be running slower?

In simple terms: Will I be able to have a full speed (>800 MB/s) SSD running in my M.2 slot along with two video cards both at 8x?

If not, where will the sacrifice be, and what would be the fastest SSD I can get on this board with two gpus.

If it helps, the build will have an intel 4690k i5, 16 GB of DDR3 2133, and a 1 TB (non solid state) SATA.

Thank you in advance!