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LED Fans

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I'm going to ask this, though I doubt anyone will help....

I and looking for some case fans other than the Bitfenix Spectres that have the seperate LED plug. Upon looking for the model number of the fan that come with my Storm Trooper I get nothing (well not those anywho.

Naturally I was hoping I could put the LED into a separate controller so the lights would work at my command rather than being always on, The only other option I see are the Enermax Vegas though each have an individual switch which I'd have to run through the case to be accessible.

Really just weighing my option as I collect parts on how to bling up this thang coolsmiley.png

P.S.: Bitfenix's green is minty I hear. If true, ikkkkkk!!!!!!
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Oh well. It was a long shot considering this crowd. I''ll find my way as usual
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You can try here, I know you can get the windowed panel for the trooper there.. But its down for maintenance right now so I can't check... thumb.gif

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lol. Didn't think to check the store axesmiley.png There's that when the holidays are over

New edit: Finally took a peak. The 120mm are covered, and in green smile.gif . Now to find some 140s that are tolerable at least. A guess if I do the apavia UV green fans I can cut the LED wires and go ahead with the internal UV idea I've become drawn to
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