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Hey, this is just my build log of what I've got and my plans for everything in the next week or so.

So, the last time I built a brand new computer was back when the i5 750 was first released (Q4 2009, I think).

Current build:

i5 750
8GB G. Skill
Asus Mobo (Generic cheap one)
ATI Radeon 5850 512MB
Corsair 650 PSU
240gb Kingston hyperX 3K

I'm getting a new smaller ATX case and am going to throw all this gear into it and make a HTPC. Running XBMC exclusively on it, and some web browsing when needed.

Anyone can recommend a good HTPC case that supports full ATX?
New system build I bought last week from NCIX here in Vancouver.

Picture of most of the gear.

Reason(s) for part list:

Mainly I wanted to future proof myself. So I dropped the cash to do it. All I do is play CSGO, and some Blizzard games. Nothing too intensive, but if something comes along in the future that catches my eye the system will have no problem tackling it.

CPU: I wanted the best I could get without going to x99, and I got it for a really good price.

Mobo: Always had Asus boards and trust them completely. It was either this or the MAXIMUS VII HERO. I chose the Sabertooth, because I love the armour and wanted a white build. This fit the bill perfect.

CPU Cooler: It really just came down to what corsair AIO cooler NCIX had in stock without waiting 3 weeks, because of back orders. Went with the H105. Will front mount the radiator probably(?)
RAM: I initially had eyed out the dominator, but when the sales guy pointed out the Fury white edition I fell in love with it. Half the price to boot!

SSD's: Dual 240 840 evo's. Nothing more to say.

GPU: This was a super tough choice. Up until I walked into the store (more on that later). It was either 970, or 980. Researched prices, brands vs brands, was it worth it going to the 980 over 970, which GPU's had back plates, which didn't etc... The list was endless of topics that I read, and youtube videos I watched. I REALLY REALLY wanted the 970 reference from BAD, but no one in Canada sold them. Only BestBuy in the US, and they had it for $380 USD, which is $440 CDN for me, so that was out the window. After talking with the sales rep he sold me the Asus strix 970 for $380 CDN ($325 USD). Down from $450 he had it priced at before we talked. I took the deal.
Oh, and I will be painting the enclosure white as well. Pics to come.

Case: White/Black NZXT H440. Saw the case, saw builds over on pcpartpicker, and the massive thread on these forums. Was sold the moment it graced my computer monitor.

PSU: Corsair is a trusted PSU brand. The 650 I have now has been working great for the last 5 years, so went with them again. Customer for life. Semi-modular unit, will be using sleeved cable extensions once they come into stock. Not sure on white sleeved, or maybe blue, red, or black.

Monitor: I wanted a 27" and 144hz. Didnt care about 1440p, so the BenQ was perfect smile.gif

I pick up the rest of the stuff once it comes into stock next week sometime. I will update the log with pictures with the rest of the gear and building process.

Does anyone recommend anything about my build I may have over looked, or tips/tricks?