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Please help me build my first pc (couple questions)

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Let me start with what my priorities were in making this build:
1. Silence
2. Productivity
3. Gaming
4. Media
5. Hardware Aesthetics (basically, i just want a nice case)

CPU: i7-4790k (got this for $140 shipped through intel retailers edge)
GPU: ASUS Strix GTX 970 (wont be overclocking past factory overclock)
MB: Asus z79-a (all i really looked for was a reliable mobo brand with nice features and great onboard audio)
PSU: Seasonic fanless 520w platinum (quiet ^.^)
Case: fractal r5 or nanoxia deep silence 2
SSD: 128gb samsung 850 pro (os, programs)
SSD: 256 gb ocz arc 100 (randomly got this for $5 after a load of rebates, plan to put my games on this)
HDD: 4tb WD green (quiet, slow storage for my movies and music)
no optical

Ram: w/e 2x8gb ddr3 1600 i see on sale when i build

Here are my questions:

1) Is 520w enough for this? this is the largest wattage seasonic has for their fanless psu's
2) Do I need to overlock my cpu? I was originally going to get a i5 4690k anyways so this is already fine stock imo. is the performance boost worth the heat and strain on the cooler (more noise)?
3) What cooler should I get? I've been leaning towards a noctua d15, does anything have a better noise:performance ratio?
4) Considering my priorities, what do you guys think of the build? Any suggetions, changes, etc?

Thanks for any help, comments, and suggestions
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#1 and 2 is already a trade off, a 520w is cutting it very close (no guarantees but it should work), if you wanna oc then i suggest 650w. If you are gonna oc anyway, u could also leave the fan on a medium setting that isn't audible over everything else in the case, basically trading temps for noise at that point. Basically for your setup i'd recommend oc with no voltage increase at most.

#3 the d15 is fine

4. I heard the MSI 970 makes less noise than the strix.

DDR2400 instead of 1600 for the extra 2% performance, same price, i recommend g. skill ares.

If cost isnt an issue, pick up an extra 850 pro, raid 0 it, put the os on the ocz instead.
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i most likely wont be overclocking, just wanted to see if anyone thought i was wasting the potential of the build by not doing so

the strix's fans dont even run at idle but maybe the msi 970 is uieter on load?
that was the other graphics card i had considered
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there's another site that had the strix being the quieter one, it's a toss up. The asus uses less power since it only uses 1 8pin connector
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Your going to have to put some money in for some really quit fans like the scythe ap-14 or 15's. I personally am trying the aerocool ds fans and they are really dead silent. Or you can invest in a fan controller and use it to make all your fans quit. Rubber fan plugs will help with vibration noise as well. I tested it on a stock corsair h80 fan and it makes it so much quiter.

Edited for spelling errors my fat fingers suck on this S3 lol
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