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Nice little build on a budget, my bro ran an a10 5800k for awhile on 2133mhz ram and played lots of games fine, he got a 660ti later on and has been able to play pretty much as well as me on 1080p ultra. We're not into MMO or RTS though. I like this 1055t Phenom x6 I got so much I'm thinking of selling my old 3570k build to make a profit, AMD is good for the money. I built mine with low expectations and was quite pleased with it.

Thanks. Low budget was the key to this build

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Looking good! I have to say I do like the APU's. i've been running an a10-5800k since release, it does what I need it to.

If your machine does get bogged down in a program later down the line, you can easily get another 100 - 200 Mhz of speed out of it at stock voltages for both the CPU and IGP. I wouldn't recommend going over stock volts with this motherboard though. But the extra 100 or so Mhz is a noticeable boost. Just change the multi, don't worry about BCLK overclocking.

Another thing to think about is how much ram to dedicate to the IGP, the motherboard can dynamically adjust it. But I like to set it manually in bios. Mine was set to 512MB for gaming on the IGP, I found very little difference if i set it to 1GB and i noticed some stuttery game play at 256MB your mileage my vary.

Thanks, I doubt my friend will run into anything that will bog it down too much as he is only planning on doing things an Athlon 64 could handle (web browsing, watching movies, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2).
Around tax time we will likely go back and make some upgrades, but until then I doubt he will need to overclock any. We were also both aware that this board was not going to be a good overclocking board considering the lack of a VRM heat sink.

Boosting the ram up to 1600mhz did help a bit. I noticed a slight increase in scores on Heaven, and the reduction in studdering looked a lot more significant than the numbers suggested.