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Lazy sunday.

Do whe have something to celebrate !!! Yes whe have.

- It is my oldest brother birthday "70";
- And the desk is one year old.

So double party.

Like i mention befor "Lazy sunday". But i need to work on my desk. And often i get a idea how to fix\ solve things. Like today. Making the endcaps for the window frames.

My thoughts where to mount the hinges to the window frames. But thingking about it i realize that i first have to do other things:
- straighten the sides of the panels;
- placing 4 mm neopreen tape on the edges of the desk;
- making the end caps for the windowframes.

So i start with placing the first peice of neopreen tape on the edge of the desk.

Clos up

Placing the rest of the tape and cutting the ends of in a angle. "looks better this way.

Next step is filling the sides of the frames straight.

Before marking the part to saw of i place a piece of tape.

Lucky i have som more 4mm strips.

Next step is to put double sided tape on to be able to work easier on the strip.

I intent to make a inner strip too. This way the two strips forming one endcap.

Yes that have to go "time for the file and sandpaper".

Only made the first strip. But i need to see how it looks. Yes love it no screws.

More later.
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I am back for a update.
The build is still going on but on a slower past at the moment. "i got the flu". mad.gif Shi.... hapens whe will say.

What hapend the last week:

wife's gpu gave up. "Yes i have spare parts". I changed the 768MB old EVGA card for a 9500GTX "also EVGA card". The only problem was that i couth not find the rest of the modular cables for the coolermaster CPU to add a extra power cable. This means i had to swap the CPU also.

I put in a 1200 AXi Corsair and the EVGA 8500. The system is up and running again. It was my plan to make two new systems for the office . I already changed som parts in my Cosmos 1000.
I put in : Asus Rampage IV Black edition with a i7-3930K and 32 GB Corsair dominator GT 2133 Mhz, The cooling block is a Corsair 105 serie with 240 rad and 4 fans. The gpu's are 2 x GTX 690 4gb.

Further my Dremel battery charger say "POEF" and went up in smoke. I orderd a new one yesterday.
I took the charger appart and discover that there is a solderd in fuse. I try to bypass it with a wire.

Thw good thing is i charge my wife for the parts and get enough money to get me a bigger screen. biggrin.gif

Back to the build

I got my stainless steel hinges for the window frames.

Further do i have new 4mm strips for making the inner frames to hold the acrylic windows. In a former update i menition "no screws" i changed my mind in "3mm countersink screws".
This because the 4mm strips are to big to just stick on double sided tape.

I did not mention it but i orderd a week ago also strips (3mm). I found out i needed 4mm. So i had to get a other package with strips. mad.gif

This times the right thickness "4mm".

Again i make a few malls for marking where to saw.

This is the starting position "windowframe on its back and acrylic panel placed". The acrylic panel is just place d loose in the frame.
Thats why i need to make a inner frame.

After marking the parts with the help from the mall i saw off a few sides. The rest i do on top of the vize.

Because i always keep away from the edge when sawing i do the rest with a file. rolleyes.gif

For mounting the strips to the bottom of the frame i choose 3 mm countersink srews. So i measure up the length of the strips.
And markt the middle line for drilling. To be sure averything is straight as posible i use the drillpress.

Making the mounting frame piece by piece. Measuring filing, sanding until it fits.
The bottom of the acrylic window is eaven with the frame. So i only have to make a few holding clamps for the acrylic.

The first inner frame is ready and markt for the paintjob.
But first making mounting holes for the hinges.

The holes on the top are countersinkt. Because the desk is 90 cm deep the screws in tge countersink holes wont jump out the build.

2 more frames to go.
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Yes i forgot a few evenings of work.

The making and mounting of the endcaps for the windowframes.

Simple but timetaking job:

- start on the right panel;
- then the left panel;
- place the last panel without the endcaps and place 2 strips loos on top. Then mark the last cutting lines and finish the panel.

The last panel "one endcap already mounted"

I did not finsih the panel here "it was already to late to work on".
It is just to show how i work.
Last strip placed against the other endcap "for marking the last cutting line".

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Impressive and with a nice eye for detail - as usual! smile.gif
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Great work. thumb.gif
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Originally Posted by flix29 View Post

Great work. thumb.gif

Thank you. "enjoy reading".thumb.gif
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Originally Posted by Drags View Post

Impressive and with a nice eye for detail - as usual! smile.gif

That is what i like.
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"Its a long way".

Altho it is the 2e year in this build i am still happy building it.

Som parts just pop up during the build. Like the 3 window frames in the back.

I found out that when i have a good evening i can do more the planed.

The first windowframe is mounted with the hinges to the back of the desk. "does this mean that it is finished" ! No it only mean that a start is made satisfied am i when i can not do it anny better.

After doing more filing the windowframe was ready for mounting.
For this job i am using stainless steel hinges. I used 3 mm countersinkscrews in the 4mm screwholes.
It fits perfect. The windowframe is made out of a 3mm alluminium top with under it a 4mm mounting frame. The Acrylic is 7mm clear.

2 more panels to go.

Cant wait to paint the window frame and the parts.

The 2 long hinges keeping the frame good in place. The windowframe is a bit pushed down in to the neopreen (damper) tape.

O yes the hole in the back is for cables. "still have to mount a grommet".

Ill be back biggrin.gif
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The window frames are looking great Henry. Awesome work as usual! thumb.gif
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Awesome work as usual!
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