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Hello all
First of all sorry for my language if I make any mistake because English is not my native language smile.gif
I have a problem with my r9 290 for sapphire which suddenly start making noise which for me sounds like coil whine. I have this card from about 7-8 months and firstly when I get it I have a problem with it. After installation in the system I have constant error message that "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" sometime desktop freezes or restarts after installing fresh copy of OS and try couple versions of drivers problem was resolved. Then I watercooled my system and everything was fine as well. After changing the motherboard, CPU and add more RAM and build this news system also based on LC and put card to it the history with this message "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" starts all over again. Once again I get rid of this error message, but whats more cart after installing the drivers start making noise which sound like coil whine for me but not 100% sure.
Question for you guys what you think about it? Try to RMA this card ?
Here is a video with sound (you may need to turn volume up because is recorded a bit quietly)