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Originally Posted by reddy89 View Post

Sensor position is too high. Still trying to build my muscle memory with it. Don't know if I ever will feel comfortable. Funny thing is I'll whip out my DA 2013 and instantly feel at home, even though the thing weighs like a ton of bricks.

How long have you used a DA mouse.
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I haven't used the DA very often because of it's weight. The mouse I primarily used was the old Abyssus which also had very good sensor position. The sensor jitter, glide, and shape of that mouse was downright awful though. Might give the Aurora a try, but I'm skeptical with all the conflicting reviews on it.
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where around is the sensor positioned? is it near the index finger? I bet after an hour of osu you'll adjust to the new mouse. And yeah, the deathadder does have some weight but it's not dense like some of the Kone mice, which makes it easier to handle.
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I just received the mouse and compared to Rival 100 its better in perfomance but i think that Rival 100 has much better clicks... Zowie FK2 has weird clicks not sure why just cant get used to it yet... will report in few days tongue.gif Also this one seems lighter.
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does the scroll wheel bug still happen in the fk2?
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