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Successer to the Intellmouse 3.0?

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Hey fellow mouse...users? tongue.gif,

I just wanted your view on if there is a mouse like the Classic Intellimouse 3.0.

Abit of background as like you all, I have also purchased far too many mouse these past year.
Basically I have been addicted to FPS since forever, from Quake and Duke3d days to CS:Go now, and since the intellimouse 3.0 came out, I have had one and loved it, its size is right, the the sensor Response is fantastic, and its quite light, but I have used my small stocks of Intellis and my last one is on its last legs (got about 4 years out of each tho...so wasn't a huge stock of them haha).

Now last year, I came to the idea that it might be best to try and join the modern age of mice and get with one that is build to handle 1000 hz generation, did abit of research and heres a list of mice I brought tried and then reverted to intelli, and when I mean tried, I tried for a month at least (apart from the totally not right for me ones)

DeathAdder 3G : I got along time ago when my cs clan hyped it up... software of hell! not too bad mouse tho

Zowie Ec evo 1 : good shape, sensor not quite right but sorta ok....left click died for no reason at all, and not quite good enough to get again.

Zowie Am : too small, too thin.

Steelseries Rival : not bad, I got it when first release and it had a few firmware updates and issues so being lazy I gave it away as I didn't really like the steelseries software, but in hindsight not the worst by a long way.

Logitech 502g : now back in the day Logitech and MS were the mice to have and I got a mx518, but I didn't like the smoothing back then, or the shapre really, but the 502g, the sensor was really good, close to Intellimouse, but *** is this shape, and really does it need to weight this much?

Logitech G400s : Not too bad, but the intell is just abit better, and this is just in "feel" of how the sensor response is really

Logitech G100 : Too small...doh

Logitech 402g : arrgh the shape! the hand crippling shape!

Ninox (BST mouse) : now I am an idiot for getting this as I knew it would be too small...and it was

Asus Gladius : Man this was close, sensor pretty good, shape fantastic, but why does it weigh so much, *** is in this? gold?!?!

now these mices are what I have tried, and while playing CS on the intelli I stay on average around SMFC, but with most of these I drop to around LE, some (zowie AM I am looking at you) DMG and the 502g I don't drop much just to LEM, but they all make my game worst because of the issues listed

and there we are, its 2015 but this there a mouse that has the raw feel of the Intelli that don't weigh the same as a dwarf planet or come with badly made software? and isn't tiny?
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For me it's the Steelseries Rival. I've used EC1 Evo (not ergonomic enough, too high/bulky) and the deathadder (the top right corner makes it hard to full palm like an IE 3.0 and the front of the mouse is raised too high). The Rival has the right sized butt, good ergonomics, and the front is low just like the IE 3.0.
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Well, there aren't any. Maybe the new DA Chroma, the build quality is a lot nicer than the old one, and the LOD and weight is lower as well. Personally the only thing I really dislike about it is that it's a little back heavy compared to the 3.0, and the material doesn't grip as well with dry hands and the 3.0, so it's a little harder for me to lift. Good news tho, after you have configured it with synapse you can uninstall the software and the settings will be saved in the mouse. Atleast the color, dpi and pollingrate.
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There isn't one. From what I've personally experienced the Rival has come the closest as far as shape and the way it contours to my hand. I really like my EC1 eVo CL as well and a 3310 version will be an insta-buy for me. But outside of the mice you listed there's literally nothing on the market that's even worth trying. The wait continues for us all...
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Well this isn't what you are asking but the real successor (in terms of product lines) to the IME 3.0 is either the IME 4.0 or Microsoft Habu depending on the way you look at it.
I think that all of the other mice people listed are probably as close to a succsessor as it got DA, EC1, Rival.
If you had a problem with weight on the Gladius you could probably find something you could remove inside of it. Or do what Jamerio did to his G400.
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If you can the best thing to do right now imo is to keep using the IE3.0 and wait for the 3310 EC mice from Zowie.
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