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Just wanted to share this information as I think it's really valuable.

A couple days back Jack posted a video to YouTube explaining what settings he's using for Battlefield 4.
I initially wrote off the video as I've previously played with my settings and thought they were doing just fine thank you very much.
However, after actually looking at the difference, I stand corrected.

He basically goes though the in-game settings of the game: controls, game play, audio, video.
His settings do a great job at cleaning up the HUD, and the tip on mouse sensitivity while running around vs. ADS is great.
These were all great and did a good job and making the game more playable.
But, there were a couple main changes that I think had the most effect. Mostly on how smooth the game felt to play.

1. Network smoothing factor = 0%
2. Graphics settings = Medium (he uses low, but medium works better for me)
3. Mesh quality = Ultra

Before his settings I was getting a constant 144 FPS with some odd dips here and there. I thought this was due to effects in game like explosions and fires. After his settings, I now have a much more consistent FPS and as a result the game looks smoother to me, with less studder.

I used FRAPS to capture in the in-game FPS:
I think the graph speaks for itself.

Here's the video: