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copy paste from XS

just making a thread about my findings on x99

will be updating regularly

intel 5820k
rampage v x99
corsair lpx 2800 4x4gig single sided v4.23 samsung ic's
evga 1300 g2 psu
3 290x
2 samsung 256G 840 pro raid 0
custom water cooled loop

xmp testing

system overclocked


ok ran 1.5v helped me get to 4.5ghz on the uncore and lowering trfc actually hurts b/w. and running trcd and trp @ 15 is a no no
still toying with getting this kit up to 3200

some quick 3d runs

added glycol to my trusty loop and mother nature lends a hand:D

just running

got a hold of some crucial mx100 256 drives to make a raid with four of them for my games did some benches they're running on the x99 controller

hard drive benches

ran some quick benches on the coldest day itll be this week with rad in window, going to run more on saturday i gotta work in the AM lol.