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Fidelio X2 after burn in give rolling and crackly

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After a bit of burn in my X2 being to have an highter volume in the bass compared than treble and bass is rolling
im using the integrated 1150 now, but also with notebook and smartphone its the same.

the general volume is high.
I test it with game and MP3 320
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Sorry to hear you're not enjoying them right now. There is no question about it, the X2's have a punchy bass. I suppose this is what reviewers are referring to when they describe it as a fun headphone. It's very dynamic and plays well with music that is similar. There are a couple of things to check first with your computers. Make sure all the Realtek enhancements are turned off. There are a lot of them and their descriptions are vague or non-existent. The X2 doesn't need any boosting in those areas and doing so could contribute to the sound you're describing. The X2's are 30 Ohm, so they are going to come off loud when paired with a high gain source, like a Sound Blaster Z, etc. Even the newer MB's have 600 ohm headphone amplifiers (20% volume for me), so your just need to use the low end of the volume scale. The smartphone will not have that issue.

While typing this, I have been listening to some Deep House tracks to try and create the situation you're describing. With my external DAC/Amp combo, I am not really hearing it. The bass is quite evident as you would expect, but it's not muddy or drowning out the other end of the spectrum. Moving the plug over to my Asus X99 on board (Realtek 1150), a lot of grain becomes quite evident. The bass does not sound as sharp and there are all kinds of things in the midrange that are making me unhappy. It's not a fair comparison between my external set up and a motherboard that in it's entirety, costs less, but that is the reality of it. THe X2's are sensitive enough to reveal other weak links. My X2's have about 70 hours of use so far.

You can try playing around a bit with the Realtek codecs if they were already off. In the DTS Ultra PC II section, try spectral enhancement with the bass off and the treble a few notches up. Normally, I don't like this kind of thing, but it's really user preference. Also, read through the review below. I am sure you've already read it, but take note of the changes he highlights after a 100 hour break-in. It may ease your concerns somewhat, or help you make a decision in a different direction.

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im using realtek ALC1150 supremeFX III.

at first the bass was not so loud, now the volume during bass is high compared to treble, for example during song if you set the volume around the bass you will hear the voice too weak .............. instead if you set the volume around the voice, when bass r there your ear die ( and the end of bass effect was bad )

What amp/dac combo are u using ?
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I used it with my Woo WA7 for a week or so before finding a permanent solution for the PC in A Creative X7. But I also used with my trusty old Soundblaster Z on the first day right out of the box. I thought it sounded fantastic on the Z on day one, so I don't think you need to be too particular with your AMP/DAC selection.

There is another thing to check. Make sure the X2 cable isn't twisted, bent, or running around something carrying a current. I haven't had any real issues, but did notice a little crackle when moving the cable around a lot in the beginning.

**In fact, I don't like the cable much at all. I switched it out for a cheap $8 one I had from when I had the X1. I didn't notice any difference on an iPhone, but through the Creative X7 it now sounds far more vivid and clear in one game where I didn't like using the X2. Limited testing. I'm not offering this as evidence toward the benefits of cable swapping, but simply as trouble shooting. If you have a cheap 3.5 to 3.5mm cable around, or if it's worth $8 to you, pick one up and see if some of the problems don't go away.
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