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I've been having issues with some services lately (it started about 3 months ago) I disconnect in League of Legends a few seconds after I tab out and also randomly sometimes. I'm also having the same issue with Skype, but it's not as bad as LoL. I contacted my ISP and they said that my connection is fine and Riot Games Support gave me a couple of possible solutions, but none of them solved my issue.

I'm connected via LAN to a Switch and the switch is connected to a Fritz!Box 6320 Cable (Firmware is
I turned of my firewall and disabled Microsoft Security Essentials.

Things that I've done:
I turned off IPV6 and enabled DNS to and optional
I tried a clean boot.
I tried it in safe mode with networking.
I reinstalled League of Legends.
I tried to connect via W T Fast.
forwarded needed ports

I''m not using a proxy or VPN.

Yeah I don't know what else I should tell you if there is any information missing just ask me.
I attached my WinMTR statistics to the Riot Games Servers so you can look into it.
And here are the ICSI Netalyzr results:
Thank you for your responses.

MTR1.txt 1k .txt file
MTR2.txt 3k .txt file
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