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keyboard type itself?

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i just put new internal hardisk in my cpu
suddenly a drop of water drop onto my motherboard
i use handkerchief to wipe it
i open my computer
it become crazy
it type itself
for e.g
i wanna rename folder but it type ++++++++++++++++++
how to fixed this
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So you were installing a new HDD, then you somehow managed to spill water over your mainboard (why on earth was there water in the near?).
I guess "open my computer" means you started it?

Well if it's not your keyboard then it's very likely a damaged mainboard.

I can't really think of any way how your keyboard could've been affected, unless the water thingy caused a short and that damaged the keyboard... but you surely disconnected the PC from any power source, didn't you?
Anyway, try another keyboard first or try the keyboard on another PC.

So yeah, damaged mainboard most likely. Repairing mainboards isn't exactly the easiest thing to do though.
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oh no
sorry for broken english
i just bought it
i spill only a drop
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yeah i disconnect it
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Does the keyboard work on another PC? Or if you don't have another PC, do you by any chance have another keyboard that you could test on your PC?
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