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Looks good dude! Liked it. I'm stoked for the front button board to show up smile.gif

Added heatsinks to the video card's memory modules as they have less ambient cooling on water. Temps remain insanely low, but this should still help the longevity of the card.

Idle: 19 C
Load @ stock 975/1400 MHz: 39 C
Load @ 1250/ 1550 MHz: 48 C

Tomb Raider, 1080P, Ultra settings (my most taxing game ATM)
Framerate @ 975/ 1400 between 12-20
Framerate @ 1250/ 1550 between 30-35

I've been playing it on High settings. Without OC it's 30-35, with OC it goes to a much nicer 45-50. I'm happy.
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Hey Joel,

check your mailbox (if you have one) smile.gif and I want more pictures asap smile.gif
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My dawg!

So, it totally turns my machine on! smile.gif

I'll try to take some pics later this week. Thanks again man for the killer product! smile.gif

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Hey Joel smile.gif. Whats up with the build is it completed?
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I suck.
Clarification - the button totally works, and I've been using to turn my computer on. That's as far as I got. haha smile.gif
I'll try and get you picks soooon!
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Just bought the following:

Nemesis 280GTS
2 x Cougar CFD14HBW
MSI GTX 970 - $270, no MIR

Got the radiator and fans installed, coolant flushed. Initial temps are a degree or two lower, but it's on nothing but water now and substantially quieter. These fans are legit inaudible from underneath my desk. GPU is still under 50C load.

I'll update with pics and temps once I get the GTX 970 in there.
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New radiator! Solid copper! My old pair of crappy AIO rads were aluminum, which required anti-corrosion coolant (annoying) and different sized fans (1 x 120mm and 1 x 140mm). New single 1 x 280mm WHITE copper radiator. After installing the new GPU my idle temps are roughly the same at 25c while my load has decreased to around 40c at stock clocks (50c with core @ 1400mhz).

Here are some preliminary pictures!

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In my later pictures you can see my cables just kinda... are there. Can anyone suggest some cable management for me?
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