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Never water cooled before

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I've never pushed an OC that hard and I've never water cooled before. I'm building a budget gaming rig in April (my current build I'm thinking about is around $1,700).

I'm not running SLI. I just want something that can run Witcher 3, Star Citizen, etc. decently. 1080p is fine for my eyes. I won't be gaming on multiple monitors or 4K.

I'm assuming a budget setup will fit my needs.

I'm looking at a Cooler Master HAF 922 or 932 for case. Honestly, the 922 looks so good at $90 that it is hard for me to justify dropping $200+ on some of these other cases I'm looking at. I won't have 12 hard drives, SLI and the need for several radiators.

I'm looking for a suggestion on a case, a CPU cooler and perhaps GPU/memory coolers that are fairly easy to set up and won't break the bank.

CPU - I'm thinking an i7-4790k - unlocked mulitplier and good value
GPU - GTX 970 - not sure if I want a rear blower config or traditional side fans
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look at the swiftech h220-x all-in-one cooler. it's a good value, a good performer, and expandable if you ever want to. a full custom loop isn't so much necessary with a single gpu, especially an efficient one like a 970, because it can do pretty well and stay pretty quiet on air alone.
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