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Hey I'm new to this forum and I just wanted to know... I want to upgrade my PC and I've never actually overclocked before. I also don't have any water cooling and never have I done it in my life. I wanted to know whats a good water cooling kit to use in order to over clock my PC. I want to see if I can achieve 4.5GHz and if it's at all possible.

My specs are:
Motherboard - Asus P8Z77-V PRO
RAM - 4x Corsair 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 [32GBs] (ONLY BECAUSE I DO 3D ANIMATION)
GPU - GeForce GTX 660 Ti (I'm planning to upgrade it to a GeForce GTX 690.. Will that be a stupid idea? LOL)
CPU - i5 3570k (I'm planning to upgrade it to an i7 3770k.. Will this be a stupid idea...? )
Power Supply - Corsair HX-750 V2 [750 Watts]
Case - NZXT Phantom 310 Mid

Thanks in advance for the help.