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2 different 780's SLI waterblock compatibility

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I have an EVGA 780 reference design at the moment and want to get 2nd card for sli.
There are some used non reference cards for decent price in my area.(Windforce 780 OC, Windforce 780 GHz Edition, Asus 780 DCII OC)
I would need to get 2 waterblocks from EK as the one I have atm is EOL. - they look the same but...
When upgrading I would like to go with hard tubing as well.

So the question is: Would the position of inlet/outlet be standardized in any way across different PCB design water blocks? - I want the tubing to be vertical and parallel between the cards.

and could you use those EK SLI bridges in that situation?

or just don't bother and wait for next gen AMD/Nvidia?

Thanks for any info
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You have the info in the product descriptions at EK web:

EK-FC780 GTX Ti DCII - Acetal+Nickel

- Water block ports does not align with any other EK-FC water block apart from EK-FC780 GTX DCII.

EK-EK-FC780 GTX WF3 - Acetal+Nickel

- Water block ports' aligns with the EK-FC770 GTX, EK-FC770 GTX GW, EK-FC780 GTX Jetstream, EK-FC Titan, EK-FC Titan SE as well as EK-FC780 GTX Ti.


Up to four EK-FC780 GTX WF3 water blocks can be used on a single ATX form factor motherboard by using EK-FC Terminal (DUAL, TRIPLE or QUAD type) system or other means of interconnectivity. Please note that EK-FC Bridge & Link system is not compatible with this water block.
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Well, I know you said that you "want the tubing to be vertical and parallel between the cards", but if you did decide to make it work between two different cards you could get creative like Bart did. I dunno, looks pretty good to me ...
Originally Posted by Bart View Post

Snip (Click to show)
Furmark is a KILLER of GPUs. I don't think there's a prog out there that will heat them up like this. I could be wrong on that though, and yes you do need to "force" a CrossFire profile onto it to make it stress both GPUs, otherwise one just sits idle.

AWESOME UPDATE - tube run improved drastically:

Well I only had a very few fittings left laying around, and I really didn't like the tubing. So I changed some stuff around, and it ended up being accidentally AWESOME!!!

First, the before picture, a hastily thrown together mess:

Step 1: drain loop!

Step 2: place first curvy tube, measured exactly to help hold TubeZilla in place.

Step 3: change GPU fittings and extend drain slightly.

Step 4: place curvy tube #2. Fits right in with all the curves this build has. I seem to be accidentally rebelling against the straight tube craze! I REALLY like the look of this!

Filled to the brim, just for you Daz!
snip (Click to show)
All the fittings I have left. The last men standing.

Leak free so far!

With TubeZilla THIS full, not much point in the Aqualis waterfall effect. smile.gif
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@ElCid: thank you for pointing that out - really helps with card and block selection and answers all my questions - i don't know how i could miss that

@Unicr0nhunter: that's great bypass there but wanted to go with plexi tubes this time. Will have cards in slots 1 & 5 so there will be plenty space between for 2 tubes with Mayhem Pastel UV Green.......uuuuu... can't wait biggrin.gif

Thanks again
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