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I purchased this Seiki 39inch 4k recently and had a couple general questions

1. Not sure if firmware has been updated is there a menu to find version and if so what version should I load?

2.I use this unit just for trading stocks and really like it for the most part, it seems to be a bit sluggish moving the mouse Im guessing
do to the 30hz? I am running a R7950 xfx card with Catalyst 14.12 is there better options with out loosing quality?

3. I have to turn the TV on first and stay on for a bit before I wake my computer up other wise it wont see signal and have to put computer back in sleep mode and back on. Maybe the way it is?

4. Some times this will go to blank screen just for a few seconds and come back on , It came with this expensive unconverted cable powered by USB , Is this normal or could be a firmware issue?

Thanks for any help.