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Is this a safe clock?

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Well I'm using a EVGA GTX 980 SC and I was wondering if this is a stable clock. So far it looks good. But I would like to know if this was well within range of averages or safer clocks. Pushing it any higher did result it crashes in Furmark, But not Firestrike.

1266 Mhz Default Clock.
1753 Mhz Memory Clock.
1367 Boost Clock.

1362 Mhz Default Clock.
1803 Mhz Memory Clock.
1463 Boost Clock.

Which brings my sensors to read a:
1500.6 Boost Clock
1800.9 Memory Clock

When maxing out.

Which totals up to a +96 Mhz on the Core Clock and a +100 on the Core Clock. Is this normal and or safe? Does overclocking need to be in specific increments to be safe? Or do the numbers not really matter in the specific sense?
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Whether it's stable will depend on your temps under load and whether or not you are getting crashes or artifacts.

Temps should ideally stay under 80c. If they are going above, you would either need to back off the overclocks or set a more aggressive fan profile.

Be sure to use multiple benchmarks and games to test stability. Firestrike is fine, but furmark only really generates heat, and it typically is difficult to spot artifacting, if at all. I would add the Unigine Heaven and Valley benchmarks to your list of tests. Then, start testing stability in games.

For games, Tomb Raiders built in benchmark is excellent for spotting artifacts. Grid and Dirt games also come with some built in benchmarks. The game that stresses cards the best in my opinion is Crysis 3, the first playable scene in the rain. If you have any instability, that scene will bring it out.

If I get any crashes or artifacts in any one of those tests, I back off the overclocks or increase voltage. I wouldn't increase voltage though, unless you are confident in what you are doing.
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